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Friday, November 03, 2017

A Sweet Story, a Familiar Tune

A friend posted this sweet story about the love of friends. The hymn will be a familiar one to many of you.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How to Help a Friend

Okay, peeps, let's try to stick to the posted topic, and ask for a new one when needed. It is getting kind of crazy around here. (Don't make me turn on the moderated comments feature!)

W writes:

I am just learning about the OALC because I have a "contraband" close friend who is a member. Could somebody help me with some ways I can nudge him in the right direction? I don't want to be pushy and make him change his beliefs, but I want him to think about what he has been taught. I have asked him to explain his beliefs but he just avoids the subject. Its so hard for me to sit back and watch him be controlled by the church. Any suggestions on how to help him will be greatly appreciated.

Welcome, W! Thanks for posting. This blog does not represent a single point of view, but a place for many to be expressed. Some of us are religious, some not. My advice like anyone else's is based on my ideals and experiences.

You might ask your friend if you could accompany him to a church service. That will open the way to conversation about it. Or you could ask him about this site (check out the links for more info about Laestadianism). Be gentle with your friend, who may know less about his church now than you do! And realize the best thing you can offer anyone is your friendship. Your daily approach to life's mysteries and moral questions will speak louder than any words.