"laestadian, apostolic, gay, lgbtq, ex-oalc, ex-llc, llc, oalc, bunner" LEARNING TO LIVE FREE: Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

The following English-language resources have been recommended by readers. Please add your recommendations in the comments or email me a link to me at extoots (at symbol) gmail (dot) com.

I recommend purchasing from an independent bookseller, but if you need to use Amazon, go here for an Extoots Amazon store and here for items about Lapland and the Sami.

Recovering from fundamentalism:
Making a life:
Critique of Laestadianism:
History of Laestadianism:
Slide Show on Laestadian History
Nonfiction by Former Laestadians:
Fiction featuring Laestadianism:


  1. You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay

  2. Our Godly Heritage,by Saarnevaara and Yliniemi and The Way to Happines,by Janne Marttiini

  3. Barbara Tolkkinen1/30/2015 03:21:00 PM

    "Combatting Cult Mind Control" by Steven Hassan.